K-Lite Codec Pack

K-Lite Codec Pack Version 14.9.0 Free

The popular codec collection which enables your media player to play any audio or video file

K-Lite Codec Pack is probably known to most of you. It's one of the most popular codec packages used to playing a wide variety of audio and video files in different formats. This comprehensive package of various codecs and filters will enable you to play almost any video or audio file you'll ever meet out and about. K-Lite Codec Pack is extremely user friendly and simple to operate so even people who get the hives just from looking at a computer will be able to become multimedia enthusiasts and enjoy any audio and video file they'll like.
Besides meeting novice users' and average users' multimedia needs, K-Lite Codec Pack is also suited for professional users who code their media files by themselves and need a professional assortment of codecs and filters to assist them in their work.
One thing that's great about K-Lite Codec Pack is its built in automatic updating feature. Every time a new codec or filter will find its way into the world K-Lite Codec Pack will immediately get updated, allowing you smooth and exhaustive multimedia support and saving you the need to continuously look for new codecs or filters by yourself.
During the installment process you'll be given flexibility as to what components of K-Lite Codec Pack you're interested in having installed. That's actually quite convenient as so many software programs burden users' systems with really unnecessary components (such as Weather Check in Northern Mozambique and so on and so forth), so this customizable installment process will allow you to determine which components to install and which to skip thus optimizing K-Lite Codec Pack for your use and saving valuable resources.
K-Lite Codec Pack had been thoroughly checked and tested by millions of users worldwide and does not contain damaged files or components that might collide with other system components.
Another great thing about K-Lite Codec Pack is that during installment it will scan every codec or filter already installed on the user's computer, identify damaged files and will either fix or remove these damaged files.
K-Lite Codec Pack's variety of interfaces and components allow both novice and proficient users to make the most of it.
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